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Hybrid Nicotine

Our pods contain a hybrid nicotine that combines the best elements of traditional nicotine and modern nicotine salts to create a perfect balance between throat hit and satisfaction, for a complete and truly satisfying vaping experience.

Click & Vape

Vaping has never been easier, with HEXA you enjoy your favorite flavor within seconds. Slide in the magnetic pod and start vaping, it’s as easy as that. The user-friendly and lightweight design allows an easy and comfortable everyday use both at home and on the go.

Ultra efficient battery

With a 350mAh battery and the innovative FEELM coil technology, HEXA has the most suitable and reliable battery capacity to last you a full day. HEXA can also be fully charged in less than an hour and ensures the lowest battery consumption for each pod.

Excellent taste

HEXA eliminated the possibility of burnt taste, awful throat-hit feelings and guarantees an excellent flavor to last you until the very last drop. Our handpicked liquids are brewed with the highest quality of ingredients to make your HEXA experience delightful time and time again. Months of R&D went into matching the e-liquid with the FEELM coil resulting in completely vaporizing every drop of e-liquid before the coil even has the chance to dry out.

Six flavours, and counting…

Designed to ensure a successful and final transition from traditional tobacco products to vaping. After months of research on high quality ingredients and matching our e-liquids carefully with the FEELM coil, we have put together 6 unique, high quality flavors that will not leave you untouched. Because of the tremendous success of HEXA we will be releasing lower nicotine levels and more flavors that will be available soon!

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Complete your Vaping experience

Extensive reviewing of our users combined with feedback from the vaping community showed that HEXA is the first real alternative to traditional tobacco products that actually takes the cravings away. That is why shop owners recommend their costumers an elegant and handy HEXA device next to their vapors to leave tobacco products behind forever. So get the missing link to complete your vaping experience now, order it online or find a shop near you!


We believe Hexa should be available for anyone who wants to give up cigarettes


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